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Shea Electric has worked with many homeowners and pool construction companies to provide complete electrical wiring of Pool/Spas & BBQs. From wiring & hook-up of above-ground spas, to complete backyard entertainment spaces - we have done it all!

Swimming pools provide windows of opportunity when it comes to design, and color can be maximized with the use of small LED's to create a desired ambiance. By investing in the correct lighting for your swimming pool, you can create a beautiful tranquil environment as well as increasing the time available to swim in your pool. Safety is the main factor when deciding on lighting for your swimming pool and public swimming baths must meet standard safety requirements.

Types of Lighting

Fibre Optic Lighting: Fibre optic lights do not produce as bright a light as the other forms of lighting available so you will be required to purchase more to reach the desired light intensity. Fibre optic lighting does not use electricity so are very safe to use around water and are child friendly. Light is produced from a generating box which is located away from the swimming pool and the light is transferred via cable strands. Fibre optic lighting is perfect in creating designs on walls and for providing light to the landscape around your pool, creating a more attractive environment.

Halogen Lights: Like the incandescent lighting, halogen lighting is the older form of lighting available for lighting up swimming pools. Providing a bright white light, they last longer than incandescent lighting but repairs and bulb replacements must take place outside of the water.

LED lighting: LED lighting is the most modern technology available having considerable benefits over halogen and incandescent forms of lighting. Until now the LEDs available on the market had not been able to produce the amount of light required reliably.

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