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Create a Custom Look with Recessed Can Lights

Change the ambiance and "feel" of each room in your home by installing recessed can lighting. There is a variety of sizes, colors & other options that can be selected to create an exceptional custom look to each room in the home. Our many years of lighting design experience can help any homeowner to select the best lighting for their home. Recessed lights can give you a multitude of light options in a room without visible lamps, cords, or lighting fixtures. It can be used to highlight pictures, furnishings, wall colors, countertops, and more.

There are models that offer low voltage options to save on energy, LED's, waterproof options for exterior installations and others that can come in direct contact with insulation above. There are a variety of shapes, finishes, and designs that are perfect for any room of the house.

Save Energy and Money with LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit

Recessed can lighting is used inside many homes due to its sleek, unobtrusive design and ability to complement any style. However, recessed can lights use incandescent bulbs, which produce heat and consume more energy resulting in higher electricity bills. This energy inefficiency and environmental unfriendliness have caused the incandescent bulb to be banned in many countries and is scheduled to be discontinued in the U.S. beginning 2012.

So, what is the solution?

Upgrade Your Home Recessed Lighting with LED Recessed Can Lights

Recessed Canned Lighting

Shea Electric can modernize your home's recessed can lights by converting them to LED recessed can lights. This new technology allows you to maintain the look and convenience of home recessed lighting, and to become energy efficient and environmentally friendly. A simple process, retrofitting your home's recessed light cans maintains your light output while at the same time, reduces your heat load. In addition LED recessed can lights are air-tight, preventing transfer of cool or heated air to escape through to the attic, further reducing energy costs. Our expert electricians will remove your existing recessed can lights and install new LED recessed can lights. We are San Diego's Electrician

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