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For businesses, a green energy system can be especially appealing.

By installing a solar system, you will be seen as a leader in your community or industry by setting an example of environmental responsibility. Your alternative energy system will increase the value of your Home.

Using alternative energy is equivalent to locking in a long term power rate that is lower than your current rate and allows you to hedge against rising energy costs in the future and earn renewable energy credits for generating green electricity. Additionally, industries with critical energy usage needs are able to protect themselves against rolling blackouts, energy grid failures, and natural disasters when combining wind turbines or solar arrays with an energy storage system.

With the myriad of incentives, rebates, loans, and financing programs available from the government and other organizations, now is the perfect time to go green.

Solar Energy Benefits

There are many benefits to using solar energy, most notably:

  1. Energy Rate Security
    As energy rates rise significantly over the next few decades, you power rate will remain low and relatively constant.
  2. Affordability
    Between the new state and federal incentives, numerous financing options, and declining equipment costs, solar energy systems are as affordable as ever.
  3. Net Metering
    By connecting your system to the power grid, it is possible to sell excess solar electricity to your utility company at the wholesale power rate.
  4. Climate Flexibility
    Solar panels only require access to solar radiation, not necessarily direct sunlight, as solar energy systems produce power even on cloudy days. In June, two identical solar systems would produce approximately the same amount of electricity in Pennsylvania as in Florida. However, your system must be free of shadows from surrounding objects and positioned toward the sun.
  5. Modularity
    Solar systems make it easy to add additional solar panels should your power needs change.
  6. UL Certified
    All solar power equipment sold and installed by Shea Electric is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified, meaning the solar panels comply with the National Electric Code and are designed to withstand 120 mph winds and golf ball sized hail
  7. Public Benefits
    Renewable energy systems protect America by increasing energy independence and combating pollution and climate change, and your use of green energy sets a positive example for your community or industry.

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