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No one can deny how much fun it is to watch the big game or your favorite adventure movie on a large wall mounted flat screen television! Bringing the big screen entertainment right into your living room can be a wonderful way for family members and friends to spend time together. However, there are a few problems that homeowners might run into once they attempt to mount their new television, and accompanying sound system on to the wall.

Unless you have a large entertainment center to house your new television set, all of the cables and cords that are needed to power your home entertainment system will likely just be running down your wall in an unsightly manner. Taking it one step further, hanging cords can prove to be a safety hazard to young children and pets.

Hiding The Cords

If you don’t have the large entertainment center to help to hide the cables and electrical cords, you should consider bringing in an electrician to help you hide the cords in the safest manner possible. It is highly advisable that homeowners do not attempt to run cables and power cords behind their walls as this is a major safety concern. Only a licensed, well-trained, and experienced electrician should help you to get this accomplished.

  • Shea Electric will ensure that the correct cables and electrical cords are threaded through the holes and efficiently organized.

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